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Beauty of Zen: the art of tidying up the beauty routine

The daily beauty routine should be a space-time of tranquillity and harmony, an experience that combines inner well-being and aesthetics, gestures and contemplation, retracing the rituals of a Zen garden.

A woman who decides to tidy up her things is ready to regain possession of her daily life. Most importantly, she is ready to change her life for the better. So, it’s time to start your change by rethinking your relationship with skincare, accepting that the superfluous adds nothing to your routine, but steals something from your beauty.

The daily beauty routine should be a space-time of tranquillity and harmony, an experience that combines inner well-being and aesthetics, gestures and contemplation, retracing the rituals of a Zen garden.

This is a lesson taught by the minimalist approach, which belongs to both the visible and the emotional universe: disorder and accumulation are a mere distraction, preventing us from enjoying the beautiful things that surround us. Everything that we buy and pile in our homes steals space, time, awareness, good vibes, and energy.

Superfluous doesn’t add anything to our lives,
but it steals something from our beauty.

The superfluous confuses our thoughts and contributes to a disorganization of our days, while our intention should be to fill our habits with calm and serenity. This truth can also be applied to skincare, and it even goes further: the chaotic use of skincare products can frustrate our effort, or even turn it in a counterproductive action for the beauty of our skin. That is why Yuzen doesn’t use unnecessary chemicals in its formulas, and has minimized the use of plastic, aware that beauty and well-being can only coexist if authenticity and sustainability are pursued.

The art of tidying up, a recent limelight of an ancient Japanese philosophy, can be applied to the workstation or wardrobe, to our bookcases and even to the beauty routine. The latter, a space dedicated to cleanliness, self-care and self-esteem as an extraordinary consequence, often ends up becoming a hasty ritual, almost a thankless task and a chore, rather than an authentic pleasure.

We collect products, often with identical properties but different labels, weighing down our daily beauty ritual and, in some cases, worsening its performance.

Unleash the authentic beauty
Of your skin

How can you pursue a minimalist change in the beauty routine? To correctly understand what is superfluous, we must never sit in a confused ambience to start the selection, but we must first create emptiness and cleanliness around us, by eliminating all distractions and proceeding by inclusion, not exclusion. Only in this condition, in a sort of minimalist island, will we be free to think about what is best for us.

Proceed by removing from your sight all the bottles, dispensers, and skincare products packs that you have accumulated in the past. Over time, you may find that you have forgotten them, because they are superfluous to your needs, so you can lightly get rid of them. On the contrary, if you really miss one of them, you can go and get it back.

In each woman lies the need
for a harmonious Zen space-time

In each and every woman secretly lies the need for a private and harmonious Zen space-time, a dimension with beneficial effects, including emotional ones. Yuzen offers a beauty ritual that is able to respond to this need for harmony.

For Yuzen, getting rid of the superfluous also means to take personal responsibility by reducing the impact of unnecessary chemicals and plastics, doing so by improving awareness that, thanks to a different cosmetic research, today’s beauty industry can finally coexist with general well-being, being it that of women and that of the world we inhabit. The ingredients of this peaceful revolution are science and wisdom, which allow us to combine the best ancient Japanese botanical ingredients with millenary traditions and extraordinary properties.

Minimalism is not absence,
but renewed attention
for what really matters

The results of this new approach are also psychological. Contrary to what is usually thought, minimalism is not a synonym of love for the absence of objects but is instead a genuine interest in their presence. The products that will be part of your beauty routine, once the decluttering is completed, will gain a value they never had before. This is exactly what happens with the works exhibited in an art gallery: they need visibility and space, or they won’t be able to break through.

How to choose the elements to introduce in a minimalist beauty routine? By relying on those who study different formulations to offer you a complete but truly essential line of products. For this reason, Yuzen offers a wide selection of complementary skincare products, suitable for all skins, made with high-performance and natural ingredients that harmonize with each other. Nothing is missing to start your new ritual in front of the mirror.

We all need constant and expert care, just like the bonsai that Yuzen has chosen as a symbol of its new philosophy.