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If Japanese skincare is sustainably produced in Italy.

Yuzen transforms skincare into a vehicle of ideological osmosis.

Hemispheres merge, cultures collide, traditions are synthesized in a same corpus of values. Yuzen transforms skincare into a vehicle of ideological osmosis, concentrating in an ampoule both the juice of Japanese Zen philosophy and the love for quality that has always distinguished Italy. Through centuries of work, the two countries have been able to build a culture of quality and excellence, condensed into products whose beauty and effectiveness are loved all over the world. A value that flows into the absolute cult of aesthetics, where detail becomes the protagonist and where chance is abandoned in favour of obsessive attention. In doing so, skincare is no longer a mere succession of gestures and products, but becomes an instrument of knowledge that through personal care opens the doors to conceptual awareness, embracing the globe from the Bel Paese to the land of the Rising Sun.


The first meeting point is reflexivity. The Japanese universe demonstrates a unique meditative nature, an aptitude for thinking that instils every action and habit of a metaphysical component. In Italy, the dolce far niente (sweet doing nothing) is a way of saying that becomes a modus operandi, synonymous with an art of living in the present and indulging in the pleasure of moments of leisure. Demonized by the culture of indefinite productivity, these principles of presence in the instant are the basis of the Yuzen routine, which invites you to rediscover the joy of breaking down temporal dynamics to focus on the now, the only space in which we really exist. A truth that translates into attention to detail. Nothing is negligible, nothing is superficial, but everything coexists with the intention of giving life to conceptual creations unique in the world. From colour to texture to fragrance, every element of Yuzen products reflects the coexistence of Italy and Japan and their passion for the little things in life.


The bond is strengthened by dedication to quality. In Japan, antiquity meets the contemporary in the protection of nature and those fruits that are necessary for everyday life. It’s a hybrid ecosystem, where the most spectacular technology is able to bow in front of the elegant strength of a camellia, the acrobatic balance of a mushroom, the never bent fragility of a berry shrub. In Italy, natural is nourishment, just as craftsmanship is able to cope with the standardization of reality. From little shops to big companies, one encounters the passion for manual work, the desire to touch and feel what is being created, to know its morphology in order to grasp its essence. A quality that is synonymous with excellence, pure and uncontaminated raw materials and unparalleled expertise that distinguishes the universe behind every Yuzen product.


For those who are about to purchase a product line, Yuzen represents an oasis in the vastness of mediocre, laxity, formulas born by chance as the result of a laboratory game. A test tube beauty vs. philosophy condensed in a bottle. Investing in Yuzen is choosing oneself in spite of bogus convenience, it’s investing in a principle and not in matter, giving new consideration to the body as a reflection of the spirit.