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Tanesankai: Japan in a camellia petal

Yuzen summarizes in the Tanesankai all the splendour of Japan and its unmistakable love for every single moment of life.

Thinking of Japan, our mind travels to gardens of cherry blossoms, shades of white and pink that are lost on the horizon. For Yuzen, the power of Japanese flora does not condense in the delicate spring bud, but in the rounded petals of the camellia. Born spontaneously in the lush indigenous forests, the flower embodies the spiritual essence of the land of the Rising Sun, combining both its traditional aspect anchored to natural values with the precise and progressive beauty of its present.

By creating a formula that transforms skincare into a ritual, Yuzen creates a powerful botanical blend, combining Camellia Japonica and Camellia Sinensis seed extracts in the innovative Tanesankai complex.

Just as the seed needs preventive care and attention, so the skin is nourished and protected through daily gestures that preserve its health, avoiding dryness, discoloration, and premature aging.

Rich in high-performance catechins and with a powerful antioxidant action, Tanesankai helps to increase the defences of the derma against the aggressiveness of external agents, from polluting factors to the stress of atmospheric agents, while exploiting the benefits of vitamins A, B, D and E to stimulate collagen production.

Just as the concentric petals of the camellia radiate from the centre in an infinite spiral, so too the benefits of Tanesankai seem to follow one another in a continuous and inexhaustible series. In fact, Yuzen knows the nourishing, smoothing and illuminating properties of camellia extract, used for centuries to take care of the skin, which appears healthier and invigorated with a single application of product, be it the Yuzen Nourishing Cleansing Cream, the Daily Gentle Peel Lotion, the Ageless Lotion or the Multi-Active Mask.

The final effect is that of a smoother and more toned complexion, deprived of the signs of aging and physical and mental fatigue.

Faithful to an aesthetic and meditative philosophy rather than a mere cosmetic purpose, Yuzen selects ingredients that are able to represent the message of personal care intended as a ritual, as a process of union of the body with the emotional sphere, which is why camellia perfectly embodies the brand way of thinking.

It is no coincidence that the Camelia Sinensis, widely cultivated in Japan, is the basic plant for the production of a suggestive drink: tea. Just as a warm sip restores and invigorates, so a moment of skincare and personal attention with Yuzen products transcends the sphere of physicality to take us into a more reflective dimension, inviting us to enjoy the small pleasures of life and the sublime charm of ordinary gestures.

Concluding a cycle that passes from the flower to the person, in a metaphor of rebirth and blossoming of individual beauty, Yuzen summarizes in the Tanesankai all the splendour of Japan and its unmistakable love for every single moment of life.