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The art of beauty,
wrapped with care

Honouring the temples of life – our body and our planet –, this gifting season Yuzen celebrates natural beauty with the art of furoshiki.

Just as we believe in treating the body as a whole to achieve naturally beautiful skin, Yuzen believes that every aspect of its identity forms a symbolic part of its all-encompassing philosophy of well-being. And as we celebrate another year well lived, we contemplate how what we see on the outside mirrors what lies within, and how that image affects the temples of life – our body and our planet.

Always true to its regenerative vision of skin- and self-care that respects and enhances natural harmonies, this festive season Yuzen honours the origins of its potent botanical formulations with the Japanese tradition of presenting gifts – introducing the art of furoshiki.

A creative ritual originating in the Nara period with tsutsumi cloth wrappings used to protect sacred temple objects, the art of Japanese cloth wrappings evolved to include luxurious cloth wrappings known as fukusa (袱紗), which were also used to purify equipment during tea ceremonies, hiratsusumi (平裏/平包) and finally furoshiki (風呂敷), which were used to wrap the clothes of high-ranking bathhouse visitors while they bathed in restorative hot springs or were treated with massage or healing rituals.

Enveloping centuries of wisdom in a sustainable, all-encompassing approach to the gift of self-care, furoshiki cloth wrapping completes the premium aesthetic of Yuzen with an earth-friendly concept that embodies the brand’s nature-inspired DNA and exquisite attention to detail, making sure our groundbreaking formulations are packaged with the same care as they provide.

And just as Japanese art does not divide between fine arts and the crafts, Yuzen does not divide inner and outer beauty. They are essential complements, one for the other. Thus, as beautiful inside as it is out, furoshiki offer a waste-free alternative to gift wrapping that not only echoes our philosophy of beauty that goes beyond appearances, but also redefines the concept of luxury packaging.

Folded with care to create an infinite number of wrappings, or used decoratively as a pocket handkerchief, bag tie, or foulard, Yuzen furoshiki can be reused over and over again. So, whether you use yours to add a festive color accent to a holiday outfit or carry a bottle of wine or box of chocolates to a dinner, this artisanal wrapping technique is a creative ritual that will transform even the tiniest gift into a thoughtful gesture with personal value.

Learn how to wrap your own Furoshiki, and celebrate the art of beauty with creative care.

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