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The gentle holiday time: treat yourself to a beauty ritual

Taking advantage of this gift is essential, especially if we use it to take care of ourselves.

Holidays are perhaps the only time of the year in which we are granted extra time, moments in which to indulge in idleness without triggering a sense of guilt, days in which time takes on a more precious and intimate connotation than ever. Taking advantage of this gift is essential, especially if we use it to take care of ourselves. As in the ancient Japanese Zen ritual, holidays are imbued with the power of natural elements: water that purifies from tiredness, stress, melancholy; fire that restores from the winter cold, from physical discomfort, from numbness; air with its deep perfume, which stimulates memory, positive thinking, the freedom of the mind to wander in reverie; finally, the earth, which brings us back to the present, transplanting us into a personal dimension of well-being where there is no room for the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

What apparently has the look of a monumental sacred rite, is nothing but a sweet bath ready to welcome our worries, with hot water that regenerates the limbs, lit candles to replace the blinding and aseptic light of digital screens, in the air scents of incense or essential oils that heal with the millenary wisdom of aromatherapy.

Yuzen closes the circle, with Job’s Tears, Bakuchiol, the Reishi mushroom, the Tanesankai complex, which draw the nutrients and beneficial properties concentrated from the earth onto our skin.

The Nourishing Cleansing Cream cleanses the pores of the impurities of fatigue, of the back and forth between work and errands; the Multi-Active Mask uses white clay to radiate the natural brightness of the complexion, offering a pleasant sensation of well-being thanks to its light mousse texture and the heat effect, while the Regenerating Night Cream prepares body and mind to host the invigorating and restorative effect of a sweet sleep. Herald of an eternal holiday that does not imply anything but a profound and assiduous care of the self, Yuzen is the greatest gift to be granted in this festive period. For the occasion, the ritual will be available in a special Christmas Kit, including both a Day Routine Kit (Ageless Nourishing Day Moisturiser + High Potency Day Eye Cream) and the exclusive Night Routine Kit (Nourishing Cleansing Cream + Regenerating Night Cream + Intense Regenerating Night Eye Cream).