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The gift culture according to Zen

Exchanging gifts is not a mere consumerist action, a simple adherence to imposed holidays in which it is necessary to buy without thinking.

In Zen culture, giving and receiving gifts is part of a social ritual rooted in tradition, it is a tribute, not a duty, which manifests deep devotion among those exchanging a small package. It is an ‘omiyage’, a ‘gift of honour’ in the Japanese language, to be opened and discovered in the privacy of solitude, without the prying eyes of those who can judge, unwrapping the external shell with the same care with which a flower is handled. From Japan to Italy, the value does not change, always present in the attention and deep love that is infused into every object that is intended for someone else other than ourselves. This feeling of respect and generosity is what Yuzen wants to convey through its skincare, not offering products but rather a personal care ritual composed of the three fundamental ingredients of well-being: time, quality, naturalness.

The beauty of Yuzen lies precisely in its being a gift and, at the same time, in its conceiving of the body as a gift, temple and sanctuary to be treated as a precious space, to be lived with the same attitude of a Creed. It starts from the choice of packaging, which is not cheap and made of soulless plastic or paper, but a tactile and sensitive material, the wonderful Washi paper, resistant and translucent, the same used to create origami – this is not a random choice, but dictated by the desire to attribute to the Yuzen mission the quality of a work of art. After the first layer, glass ampoules conceal substances that are potions, which are promises of care, pleasure, and health and that will benefit both the skin and the spirit.

From the Daily Gentle Peel Lotion, with Tanesankai complex and toning Job’s Tear, to the Ageless Essence that gives the skin a deep hydration, Yuzen rediscovers the culture of giving by transforming its products into an act of love.