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The harmonious Yuzen beauty routine

The Yuzen ritual is devoted to external and internal balance, and to do so it has its roots in Zen philosophy as well as in the culture of minimalism.

Skincare really changes your soul. It becomes a precious ingredient for a new, more authentic and at the same time extraordinary beauty. The Yuzen ritual is devoted to external and internal balance, and to do so it has its roots in Zen philosophy as well as in the culture of minimalism. It is inspired by the layering of products typical of the Japanese beauty routine and by its skilful gestures and amplifies the results of an ancient tradition by enhancing the beauty of your skin with rare, powerful, and natural ingredients.

We need to take care of the body in its entirety
to see wonderful results on the skin

The Yuzen ritual gives back more than it asks for: it allows you to relax and watch great results, and it does it without ever being intransigent. It never takes away precious time and it doesn’t impose rules. The virtuous starting model is the layering of the products typical of the Eastern beauty routine, the layering of skincare products applied with gentle gestures, which Yuzen has transformed into a comforting relationship: a vis à vis between you and your new image in the mirror.

Simple in its steps, it leads us to great changes. The Japanese beauty routine that inspires Yuzen is different from the complex Korean cosmetic tour de force. We are in an emotional and aesthetic universe that is never fake or aggressive.

Lotions, serums, moisturisers, and ampoules
are the tools of a change
that can touch us deeply

Yuzen’s daily beauty ceremony is the evolution of an ancient wisdom, to which noble science has been applied. It is the result of a savoir-faire inspired by principles of harmony such as Zen and minimalism. It is never severe and takes care of both the surface and the interior.

Yuzen’s formulas are also aimed at those who do not use makeup or rather choose a light and natural one. Yuzen knows that serenity is a not negligible vehicle of beauty. Lotions, serums, and moisturisers can be part of a deeper change.

We must learn to eliminate the clutter
and the superfluous from our lives.

Here are the exemplified steps of a Zen beauty ritual. It follows a scientific logic of product performance, but each woman that is able of listening to the thirst and needs of her skin will be able to modulate and simplify it, even day by day, with other Yuzen skincare products, in order to feel splendid and in perfect harmony with herself.

Now relax, take your space and your time.

1. REMOVE EYE MAKE UP – Yuzen Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remover. Extra gentle and incredibly effective, Yuzen biphasic formula harnesses the power of Japanese botanicals to cleanse and rejuvenate the delicate eye area without the need for rubbing, a gesture that in the long run produces signs of ageing and redness. It also contains pure cornflower water to soothe and refresh.

2. CLEANSING – Yuzen Nourishing Cleansing Cream. Combining the detoxifying properties of Reishi, known since ancient times and called the mushroom of immortality, with the illuminating qualities of Tanesankai, our innovative blend, rich in collagen boosting nutrients, to remove impurities, make up and sunscreen, leaving skin hydrated, soft, and looking luminous.

3. DAILY EXFOLIATION – Yuzen Daily Gentle Peel Lotion. This delicate daily facial peel works on cell turnover by gently exfoliating the skin and helping to prevent and combat the signs of aging. It gives that touch of brightness that we so envy to the Japanese women.

4. DEEP EXFOLIATION – Yuzen Weekly Intensive Peel Lotion. This intensive AHA treatment helps to reveal your skin’s natural radiance, promoting cell turnover, and leaving your skin looking fresher and renewed. The product is perfect to indulge in an out- of the ordinary treatment every seven days.

5. MOISTURIZE – Yuzen Ageless Essence / Extra Nourishing Essence. Japanese layering using ingredients that act in synergy and evolving around the concept of nourishment and softness. To nurture the skin with an aqueous lotion, smoothing and rejuvenating for a radiant appearance and perfect to treat ourselves with a fresh facial massage.

6. BRIGHTEN – Yuzen Radiance Enhancing Serum. A potion of traditional ingredients, whose properties are testified by millennia of use and results. In addition to the Reishi mushroom, it contains an extract of Job’s Tears, an ancient nutrient-dense superfood, rich in skin-loving fatty acids that gently purifies, refines and illuminates the skin.

7. NOURISHMENT – Yuzen Ageless Nourishing Day Moisturiser / Regenerating night cream. Tanensakai is the name of the exclusive Yuzen blend that makes all its products unique. With over 250 species of Camellia to choose from in nature, Yuzen has been able to extract the densest formulation of nutrients from different parts of the plants to create this unique blend thanks to modern scientific techniques. This product contains specific extracts of Camellia Sinensis, the incredible tea plant, and of Camellia Japonica, both rich in medicinal and cosmetic properties. Our night moisturiser also contains Bakuchiol, a natural plant-based alternative to retinol, acting as you sleep to restructure and revitalise the skin, to awaken with a renewed glow.

8. FINAL PROTECTION – Yuzen Radiant Day UV Protector SPF 50+. Japanese women, in their ancient competence, invite us to close every beauty ritual with sunscreen, without which they would never leave their homes. Yuzen has therefore created a light product to be used under make-up, able to preserve your gentle daily care and protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

9. BEAUTY AND WELLNESS FOR SKIN, BODY AND MIND – created by a team of renowned specialists and designed to nourish the skin. Not only will skin be more beautiful than ever, but thanks to our powerful blend of plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and superfood ingredients, such as Matcha and Reishi, our inner well-being will also improve with better sleep, new calm, and focused energy. For a continuous effect that adapts to different moments of the day, this line has formulas designed for the night and for the day.