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Yoga & Yuzen: Align & illuminate true beauty

Enhancing plant-powered skincare with the meditative power of yoga in an exclusive masterclass for mind, body and soul.

Connecting India and Japan, two distant, yet inextricably connected philosophies unite to reveal the natural beauty of true well-being: Welcome to the Yoga & Yuzen masterclass.

As groundbreaking science continues to give us insight into the wisdom of time-tested traditions, Yuzen pays tribute to its global ethos with a masterclass dedicated to the discipline of Yoga. Aligning effortlessly with the brand’s science-backed mind, body and soul concept, yoga (whose linguistic root yuj- literally means “to bring together”) unites the spiritual with the physical in a profound exercise aimed at revealing the divine power of the self (deva-ātma-śakti). And so, meditating on how real wellness manifests throughout the body, Yuzen enhances its unique skincare range with an ageless practice that embodies total beauty.

Like Yuzen, yoga (in Japanese 瑜伽 yuga) offers those who practice time to relax and reconnect, creating a complementary ritual that reinforces the principles of enlightened health by giving both the mind and body time and care. Deep, yet gentle and incredibly powerful, Yoga and Yuzen work on the same vital frequencies, harnessing the properties and energy of nature to revitalize the skin and body as a whole, not just its outer shell.

Perfectly attuned to the Yuzen mantra of cleanse, nourish and protect, and its key focus on energy points, massage, and the meditative constancy of a daily ritual, the practice of yoga focuses on prāṇāyāma (breath); pratyāhāra (the senses); dhyāna (meditation); dhāraṇā (deep connection); tarka (thought / reason); and samādhi (concentration).

Using breath and meditation to rediscover a lightness of being, yoga highlights key elements of the Yuzen philosophy – in particular, Satya, which signifies sincerity and authenticity, and Śauca, which means cleanliness and purity – for an unparalleled experience of well-being. Thus, by harnessing the regenerative capacity of potent botanical compounds and channeling the body’s energy through intent-driven movement, this powerful duo distills the essence of beauty that goes beyond face value.

Light and balanced, clear, and radiant – join us to discover the sublime harmony of Yoga and Yuzen.